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Repair Procedures

If this is a life threatening emergency call 911

It is our goal to make all required repairs to your home in order to make your stay comfortable. Please note that Nevada law, and your lease agreement, define the legal requirements and expectations on who is responsible for repairs in rental properties in Nevada

1. All non emergency repair requests may be made through your resident portal.
2. If you are unable to make your repair request online, contact Sara Sharkey at 775.846.9291 or Kaylie Sharkey at 775.842.0070

What is considered an emergency?
An emergency request to the above number should only be made if your health or safety is threatended, or damage to the property is being casued. For example, no heat or hot water in winter temperatures IS an emergency,; no air-conditioning in the summer is NOT an emergeny. A leaking water heater is an emergeny, but a drippy faucet is NOT and emergency.



Per the terms of your residential lease agreement you are responsible, at your own expense, for certain repair items. If you submit a repair request for one of the below listed items you may be back billed for the cost of the repair.

Click the above link to view self help repair videos on common repair items for which you may be responsible.

  • Toilet backups

  • Slow draining sinks or tubs

  • Garbage disposal malfunction

  • Reset electrical breaker

  • Smoke / CO2 detector battery replacment

  • Pest control

  • Furnace filter replacement (to be done quarterly)



Repair or damage caused by your negligence or misuse is your responsibility. In such cases, repairs will be made, but you will be charged for the cost of the labor and materials.

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