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You’ve Got Questions. I’ve Got Answers


Most people need to take out a mortgage loan when purchasing a house. That said, a mortgage lender will require a down payment from potential buyers as proof of their financial capability. Real estate agents should inform buyers what the recommended amount should be — as well as the consequences of falling short. For example, putting down less than 20% means taking out private mortgage insurance, which protects lenders if the borrower defaults on their loan.


First impressions matter in business, but especially in real estate. Anyone walking through a house or touring it virtually will be looking for ways to pass or negotiate down on the price. You must help clients make sure that the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical system all work properly. Each room should look clean and decluttered with no overt damage insight


The selling price of a house fluctuates depending on multiple factors. The most common ones are the neighborhood and what similar-sized houses are currently selling for. Also, look at the age and condition. Do major repairs need to be done? If so, that might lower the property. And again, the market matters. Like everything else, home prices vary depending on supply and demand. Our job as a Realtor is to best inform our clients about these different factors and accurately list their house

What types of properties do you manage?

We mostly manage long-term single-family houses, condos, and townhomes. We also specialize in multi-family buildings such as apartment complexes and multiplexes. Most of our properties are unfurnished, but we have the policy and experience to thrive with higher-end furnished homes. We do not manage rooming houses, rental rooms, rentals under three months, or commercial properties other than apartment buildings. We also do not handle HOA grounds management

Can I say who I want for tenants at my house?

You can specify whether or not you want tenants with pets (in most situations) or even tenants who don't smoke although all our properties are marketed as smoke free. However, the more restrictive you are, the longer it could take to rent your property.

You cannot discriminate against any protected class under the federal fair housing or local fair housing laws, such as saying you don't want children. Because of this, it is best that you stay out of the selection process. We are professionals in leasing. We have specific criteria that every applicant has to pass in order to rent your property.

What do I need to do to my property before I rent it?

The better condition your property is in, the better quality tenant we will attract for you. This means that the property should be clean, carpeting should be shampooed, walls should be painted (a neutral color is best) if they are dirty or marred, and things should be in good repair. It is best to have window coverings on the windows, such as blinds. Depending on the time of the year, snow removal or lawn care should be done prior to the new tenant moving in. Tenants are no different than you and I when we were looking to buy our houses - if it was clean and everything was working, it appealed to us more.

Upon taking over management, we will go through your property and make note of the condition and what we would suggest being done. You would then instruct us what you want done.

After each tenants move out, locks are re-keyed for liability purposes

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